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Board of Directors


Aaron Hovestadt

President, HBAM Treasurer


Robert Filka

Vice President, HBAM CEO


Mike Tribble

Secretary/Treasurer, HBAM Associate Senior Officer


Jeff Grantham

Immediate Past President, HBAM Vice President


Lee Greenacre



Jeremy Morgan

Director, HBAM Immediate Past President


Sarah Foster



Dawn Crandall

Executive Director




The mission of Skilled to Build Michigan Foundation is to raise awareness of the skilled trades as a viable career option by cultivating, educating and recruiting students and veterans into the residential construction trades.


Skilled to Build Michigan Foundation is the nonprofit arm of the Home Builders Association of Michigan, a professional trade association with a 4,000+ member network of builders, remodelers and subcontractors. Over the last decade, the residential construction industry has seen a tremendous decline in skilled labor. By connecting employers with skilled laborers, we can address the workforce shortage and fill these essential positions.



Skilled to Build seeks to develop an interest in the trades beginning at a young age. We read “Billy the Builder Bear Builds a House” to K-3 children to give them foundational knowledge of the construction trades.


In addition to highlighting the 18 different occupations within residential construction, we also offer an industry recognized credential that began this year in select schools around the state. Click to learn more.


The need for skilled labor is on the rise but the workforce remains depleted. By connecting skilled laborers to jobs, we can begin to build back Michigan’s construction workforce. Click to visit our job opportunities page.