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Are You Hiring?

If you are interested in hiring a student, veteran, or qualified employee, please take a moment to fill out this form. By filling out this form, you will be connected to those seeking a career in the residential construction industry. We will also connect you with our partners who can provide information on potential employees.

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The Need for Skilled Labor

The HBA of of Michigan predicted that in 2023, 15,546 new single-family home permits will be issued across Michigan. While the prediction for single-family building permits isn’t where they should be, the demand for remodeling activity has increased. This perpetuates the need for more skilled laborers.

Looking for employees?

Fill out this hiring form and we will get you in touch with skilled laborers.


Why Hire a Veteran?

Through their service, veterans have gained the necessary skills that help them excel as employees. Aside from being adaptable to challenges and exhibiting a strong work ethic, recruiters also noted that hiring and retention rates are higher among veterans than nonveterans.

Why Hire a Student?

Recruiting students is crucial to keep the home building industry alive as more people retire with fewer workers to take their place. Many students are seeking college alternatives such as apprenticeships or trade school.

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