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This is where we begin the cultivating process.

In the fall of 2019, we began a partnership with school counselors who connected us with K-3 teachers who were interested in having Billy the Builder Bear Builds a House read and distributed to their student’s during March is Reading Month.  Not only did we partner with school counselors, we offered the books to members of the Michigan Legislature who took the books into classrooms in their house or senate districts and read to students.  Each student was left with their own copy of the book. Unfortunately, COVID 19 struck and we had to cut our program short when schools were closed during the pandemic.


Skilled to Build Michigan Foundation has a request in for another grant in the amount of $2.7M where if awarded, some of those funds would be used to distribute “Billy the Builder Bear Builds a House” to 333,000 students in grades K-2 in 2024.

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Meet Billy

Billy the Builder Bear Builds a House was written in the 90s by Connie Vallier, the executive officer of the Midland HBA at the time. The book was written to take kids step-by-step through the home building process. Read a digital copy below!